Creating the heart of the European Hydrogen Economy.

H2eart for Europe, an alliance of storage system operators in Europe, is committed to accelerate the construction of underground hydrogen storage.

Developing underground hydrogen storage means investing in the resilient and decarbonized future of European energy systems.

9.1 TWh

large-scale hydrogen projects have been announced in the EU to be commissioned by 2030

36 TWh

gap between scheduled and needed projects by 2030

36 billion

investments required to narrow the gap

Together, we are committed to kick-off the development of a clean hydrogen ecosystem.

This will ensure the cost-effective long-term flexibility needed for the stabilization and development of energy systems increasingly relying on intermittent renewables.

Meet our founding members.

Our members come from 7 EU member states.

Our partner organisations.

We collaborate with other European Associations to bundle our efforts and create maximum impact. We share a vision of a more sustainable and resilient European energy future, and drive innovation and action on a European level.

News & Events

Press Release

Recognising the pressing challenge of climate change and the increasing use of intermittently produced
renewable energy sources (RES) by many EU member states, H2eart for Europe emphasizes the need for
clean storage options capable of providing necessary flexibility.

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Press Release

ENGLISH VERSION: The Initiative Energien Speichern e.V. (INES), representing leading operators of German gas and hydrogen storage facilities, and “H2eart for Europe,” a European alliance dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) technologies, proudly announce their partnership.

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Press Release

GERMAN VERSION: Die Initiative Energien Speichern e.V. (INES) und H2eart for Europe geben ihre Partnerschaft
bekannt. Ziel der Partnerschaft ist das Vorantreiben von unterirdischen
Wasserstoffspeicherprojekten und das Decken von dringendem Flexibilitätsbedarf.

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