Underground Energy Storage Operators (UESO) Joins Forces with H2eart for Europe to Advance Underground Energy Storage

Recognising the pressing challenge of climate change and the increasing use of intermittently produced renewable energy sources (RES) by many EU member states, H2eart for Europe emphasizes the need for clean storage options capable of providing necessary flexibility.

INES Joins “H2eart for Europe” as a Partner Association in Advancing Underground Hydrogen Storage and Addressing Urgent Flexibility Needs

ENGLISH VERSION: The Initiative Energien Speichern e.V. (INES), representing leading operators of German gas and hydrogen storage facilities, and "H2eart for Europe," a European alliance dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) technologies, proudly announce their partnership.

INES schließt sich H2eart for Europe an

GERMAN VERSION: Die Initiative Energien Speichern e.V. (INES) und H2eart for Europe geben ihre Partnerschaft bekannt. Ziel der Partnerschaft ist das Vorantreiben von unterirdischen Wasserstoffspeicherprojekten und das Decken von dringendem Flexibilitätsbedarf.

Gemeinsam für ein klimaneutrales Europa: EWE ist jüngstes Mitglied der Wasserstoffspeicher-Initiative H2eart for Europe

GERMAN VERSION: EWE und H2eart for Europe geben ihre neue Partnerschaft bekannt und unterstützen gemeinsam die Entwicklung von Technologien zur unterirdischen Wasserstoffspeicherung in ganz Europa.

Together for a Decarbonised Europe: EWE Is H2eart for Europe’s Newest Member

ENGLISH VERSION: EWE and H2eart for Europe announce their new partnership and join forces to support the development of Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) technologies across Europe.
HyStorage first test phase successful – hydrogen extracted again after injection into porous rock

HyStorage first test phase successful – hydrogen extracted again after injection into porous rock

The first operating phase of HyStorage with a 5% hydrogen blend was successfully completed end of January 2024. The partner companies presented the first interim results of the research project, which examines the integrity of porous rock formations for the storage of hydrogen.
Carole Le-Henaff (Storengy) and Michael Schmöltzer (Uniper Energy Storage)

New Co-Chair “H2eart for Europe” Alliance on Underground Hydrogen Storage

All this positive spirit received at the Launch Event in Brussels this week motivates in chairing this new Alliance together with Michael Schmöltzer (Uniper Energy Storage) and Carole Le- Henaff (Storengy).

ICIS EXPLAINS: H2eart for Europe

LONDON (ICIS)–The European Underground Hydrogen Storage Alliance launched H2eart for Europe on 23 January with the aim to provide reports and analysis surrounding hydrogen storage across Europe. H2eart for Europe released a report entitled “The role of underground hydrogen storage in Europe” at the same time, which ICIS has summarised in the below infogram.

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