Together, we strive to promote & develop Europe’s decarbonized future

We provide fact-based analysis & reports to policymakers, as well as pro-actively engage with players from across the European hydrogen value chain.

Meet our founding members

Coming from 7 EU member states, our members are united with a common purpose. We strive to accelerate the decarbonization of the European energy system at the lowest cost to society. How? By developing underground hydrogen storage.

With our collective wealth of expertise, we are best positioned to plan, construct, manage and operate cutting-edge underground hydrogen infrastructure.

Our partner forum

The partner forum of H2eart for Europe brings together various key stakeholders across the value chain of hydrogen committed to amplifying our core messages. Together, we share a vision for a more sustainable and resilient energy future in Europe, driving innovation and coordinated action at a continental scale.

If your organization is interested in collaborating with H2eart for Europe or wants to become a member, please reach out.

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